Since the last 3 years, ACCESS has been publishing a State of the Sector (SOS) report on microfinance in India as a part of its microfinance India initiative. This report is accepted as amongst the most credible reference documents in the microfinance sector globally. However, no such comprehensive report existed on the complex issue of livelihoods. Thus, as a part of its Sustainable Livelihoods India Initiative (SLII), ACCESS brought out a report similar to its SOS microfinance report for the livelihoods sector in 2008 called the 'State of India's Livelihoods' (SOIL) Report in collaboration with the Livelihoods School. This report is a one of its kind report and is the only document that aggregates the experiences and challenges of the livelihoods sector, analyses case studies, and reports the progress of both government and privately run programs. It will focus on the 4 Ps - people, policy, promoters and possibilities. It is an annual publication with specific themes each year addressing contemporary issues impacting livelihoods.

The report would focus on livelihoods practitioners as core audience with usability to other stakeholders like policy makers, academicians, others like CAB, BIRD etc. Keeping the core audience in mind, the report would be more focused on providing practical learnings, live examples and case-studies and analysis of different models and innovations that can be adapted to various livelihoods interventions. To tie the chapters together, a uniform 4-P (people, policy, promoters and possibilities) framework would be used for each chapter.

Given the success and wide acceptance of the first volume of SOIL, ACCESS wants to now bring out volume two of the report. Rather than being academic, the report would serve as a practical document providing learning to the practitioners. The themes of the report may be based on the contemporary topics, making in-depth analysis of issues and programs and would provide value added learning for the users (focusing on practitioners). It was suggested that the SOIL report would have couple of chapters that would be dedicated to critically analyze major government and multi/bi-lateral programs impacting livelihoods of the poor in India.