To address the issue of national economic disparity and regional skew, mF India has created it's State Visioning. To date, much of India's microfinance movement has grown largely in the southern states. Thirteen priority states which account for 67% of the poor remain fairly underserved. The State Visioning initiative identifies one or two states in the outlined underserved regions and attempts to bring together all stakeholders to help create a united vision for the area. This initiative takes stock of financial, human and institutional resources required to support the sector in the state and identifies gaps in the sector, enabling greater clarity for the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders. The Vision Document produced per this intiative, helps establish benchmarks and indices reflecting and comparing growth in various regions, over time.

While in 2005, Orissa was the target state, and the vision document was released by the Chief Minister. Significant interest and progress is already evident in the state. In 2007, the state identified was Madhya Pradesh. Vision document was also prepared for the state of Bihar in 2009.