Microfinance India is a national level advocacy platform, initiated by ACCESS Development Services, spurned off to ACCESS-ASSIST, to engage various stakeholders and develop a comprehensive vision for the entire sector. Indian microfinance remains a diverse and complex arena with its array of products and methodologies. Microfinance India seeks to promote the distinct voices of those associated with the field – regulators, policy makers, government, banks, insurance companies, MFIs, donors, academicians, SHPIs etc. The sector has matured and expanded its ambit of stakeholders - attracting new entrants such as rating agencies and social equity investors. Cumulatively, these new players, their financial instruments, delivery models, and technology platforms - emphasize the need for an expanded understanding of the arena and all its associated contributors. Microfinance India Summit, starting under the aegis of CARE, ACCESS and now ACCESS – ASSIST has become the most significant platform for the future visioning of India’s microfinance sector.

ACCESS - ASSIST is a public charitable trust whose overall mandate is to work at all levels of the financial value chain, on one hand to organize the demand on the ground and on the other hand to engage with supply side actors and catalyze greater flow of funds to the poor. The three tier strategy of ASSIST has allowed focusing on micro and macro issues, gaps and needs of the Indian Microfinance sector, with. The aim is to incubate new institutions to enable their self-sufficiency and self-sustainability under specialized technical assistance. . to cater to varied demands of the growing microfinance sector through streamlined and structured services to emerging MFIs and supporting the enabling environment through the Microfinance India platform.. To optimize its resources and maximize the results of its interventions, ACCESS – ASSIST believes in partnering with key stakeholders in the sector in order to develop mutually reinforcing strategies, bring convergence of competencies and build consensus on key issues.